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Was S-3D Gaming Underestimated at NABSHOW 2009?

By April 27, 2009April 4th, 2020News

The first video is up from NABSHOW 2009!

This is a small portion of the end of day panel entitled “Future of Home 3D”. While this portion had a very strong focus on S-3D gaming, the actual panel was very diverse in subject matter. We will be making the full 90 minute video available in our downloads section, but we need to figure out the best encoding method because it’s going to be a huge video.

This panel featured Buzz Hays (Sony Pictures Imageworks), David Seigle (In-Three), Neil Schneider (Meant to be Seen), Peter Wilson (High Definition & Digital Cinema), and Chris Chinnock (Insight Media).

We went with this excerpt because it features an impromptu debate about the importance of S-3D gaming. Share your thoughts on this exchange in our