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By April 20, 2009April 4th, 2020News

MTBS is pleased to report that NABSHOW is going very well. We are continuing to capture lots of videos, and we will start putting them up ASAP.

The highlight for us is the positive discussions about stereoscopic 3D gaming. While the majority of the speakers have little to no experience in the gaming market, it seems that just about everyone is onboard with the idea that gaming will be the driver for S-3D in the home.

During our panel, the last panel of the day, the moderator asked the audience which markets will be successful in the home. With gaming last on the list, the broadcasting audience was nearly unanimous with their support of S-3D video games. In fact, the results were very close to our own U-DECIDE Initiative findings!

The only caveat we have with NABSHOW is there is way too much discussion about standards in the home, and not nearly enough about how to appeal to customers directly. MTBS’ position is that the S-3D industry is working to build a business case, and there is no reason to depend on standards alone for making this possible.

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