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NEXT3D Answers Questions, MTBS at NABSHOW!

By April 16, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Special thanks to David Cole, Co-Founder of NEXT3D for answering member questions about their innovations around game console S-3D movie distribution. For those who missed it, they have also developed a way to encode stereoscopic 3D Blu-Ray in a format that allows true 3D playback on DLP and interlaced solutions without the need for any software or hardware updates to the player. In other words, ALL Blu-Ray players are S-3D compatible even before standards hit the market.

Download the full video and feel free to read David’s responses and ask more questions in our discussion forums.

Finally, we recently learned that MTBS has been given the honor of speaking at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters Show (NABSHOW) next week. We will be joining a panel that features Buzz Hays, Chris Chinnock, David Seigle, and Peter Wilson. It will be moderated by Carolyn Giardina. We are very honored, and it’s good to see gaming get the attention it deserves!

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