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In-Three Depth Machine Update & Bug Fix

By March 7, 2009April 4th, 2020News

The other day, David Seigle (the President of In-Three) sent MTBS a copy of the “In-Three Depth Machine” software to distribute to our members.

Since that time, they discovered an error that prevented the program from working properly with small screens, and Andrew Van Pernis, their Manager of Engineering, sent us this email:

“Looking at your screen shot, I did want to clarify that the DepthMachine program was setup to take screen sizes in feet not inches (standard way that theater screens are measured). I’ve attached an updated copy of DepthMachine that will let you enter non-integer numbers into the screen size fields. So if you’re interested in a 22″ monitor you can enter 1.833 feet. Technically the old version would allow you to enter 1.833, but it would see that as the integer 1.”

Download the updated version, and share your thoughts in our forums to see if the 3D experience matches up to the theory!

For those unfamiliar, The Depth Machine calculates the amount of perceived depth you will get according to the size of your screen and the pixel shift in either direction. Thanks again, In-Three!

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