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MTBS in GAMEINFORMER, Prince of Persia S-3D Review

By March 3, 2009April 4th, 2020News

Time to run out to your local magazine store and pick up this month’s issue of GAMEINFORMER!

We are very proud and excited to report that GAMEINFORMER did a special feature on stereoscopic 3D gaming, and featured just about everyone in the industry including iZ3D, NVIDIA, Blitz Games Studios, and Meant to be Seen! Finally, S-3D gaming is starting to get the attention it deserves!

We are also please to report that a new game review is up for Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia. Is the Prince the king of stereoscopic 3D gaming? How does it perform on the iZ3D and NVIDIA S-3D driver solutions? Today we find out! Read the review and share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

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