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3D Most Anticipated Tech This Year, iZ3D News & Drivers, U-DECIDE

By February 24, 2009April 4th, 2020News

The results of a special survey run by that collected information from 300 industry professionals demonstrates that 3D gaming is the “most anticipated” technology this year!

Now do you believe us?!?!?

“Top of that list (the surveyed technology list) is 3D technology and its integration with gaming. With developers such as Blitz Games and publishers like Ubisoft embracing stereoscopic 3D, 2009 should see the early fruits of experiments with the format.” –

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MTBS is very thankful to because they also assisted our efforts with our own U-DECIDE Initiative launch. Featuring data collected from well over 700 2D and S-3D gamer respondents, we expect the complete report will be available for purchase tomorrow. It has taken longer to finish than expected because the document is both detailed and large.

Congratulations are also in order for iZ3D. According to Game Industry News and the results of almost 100,000 voters, the iZ3D 22″ 3D monitor was ranked as the “Best Peripheral”.

“If 2009 becomes the year of the 3D game, it will be because of the gains made by companies like iZ3D in 2008. The 22-inch 3D LCD was the first real mass produced LCD monitor that let games literally take their favorite titles into the next dimension. Today the prices on these amazing monitors are falling rapidly, so the final barrier to 3D could soon be crossed. If it is, we can say that it’s with the iZ3D 22-Inch LCD.” – Game Industry News

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Added bonus!

iZ3D has released 1.10 Beta 3, and updated features include:

  • Fixed hook for Audiosurf.
  • Fixed CC bug with profile file names..
  • Age of Conan shadows fixed.
  • Hardcoded exclusion for dwm.exe.
  • Improved stereo building method, see Source Engine
  • Added Burnout Paradise, Left 4 Dead, HL2 E2, FEAR 2 profiles.

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