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Sensio Optional Standard, TDVision Interview, iZ3D Award, SD and A Pics!

By January 27, 2009April 4th, 2020News

We have just received word that Sensio Technologies Inc. has been officially accepted as “an optional DVD standard”. According to Sensio, this is for standard DVD and is not reflective of Blu-Ray DVDs required for 3D HDTV.

“…our technology is now officially recognized by the DVD Forum. This standardization will allow manufacturers who want to integrate our technology in their DVD players to do it following specific guidelines set out by the DVD Forum. It will facilitate the integration process for manufacturers.” – Magali Valence, Public Relations Manager for Sensio Technologies Inc.

MTBS further confirmed that there is nothing preventing the DVD Forum to add other 3D codecs to the DVD specifications. However, Sensio is very proud of the fact that while additional solutions were brought forward at the same time, theirs was the first to be officially recognized as an optional standard.

There are additional codecs in the standards war fight. Here is an interview with Ethan Schur, Director of Marketing for TDVision Corp that took place at CES:

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On the gaming side, while NVIDIA has been earning a lot of positive press for their GeForce 3D Vision Solution, iZ3D has been faring equally well. After counting 50,000 (yes, fifty THOUSAND) nominations, the iZ3D 22″ monitor is up for the Best Peripheral of the Year award from Visit the voting booth to help determine which products will get the top prize!

We published several pictures from the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference, and we will have more to share tomorrow.

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