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NVIDIA Glasses, Newsfeed, U-DECIDE

By January 8, 2009April 4th, 2020News

MTBS appreciates that pretty much every blog on the planet has reported that NVIDIA is demonstrating their new Geforce Vision 3D glasses at CES. However, an important detail that has not been released until now is their glasses will be on sale at their online store on January 9th, 2009.

CORRECTION: Looks like NVIDIA messed up with their timing. It’s online now!

According to my NVIDIA contact, “our driver team has put a lot of work into the development of the Geforce 3D Vision. I hope you get a chance to check them out. I think you will be very impressed.”

Sounds promising!

We have been exceedingly busy here at CES, and SilverSurfer has been doing an amazing job at sharing press releases and posting them in the special MTBS Newsfeed section of the website. Read his posts and share your thoughts in our forums. Just because a story isn’t on the front page, doesn’t mean it isn’t getting reported – so stay up to date!

Just a reminder that The U-DECIDE Initiative results have been finalized and the prize draw is complete. We congratulate all our winners (too many to list here) and special thanks go to iZ3D LLC, AMD, The Game Creators, Blitz Games Studios, and Guild Software for making all this possible. We will start shipping after CES is finished.

The prize draw marks the finalization of the U-DECIDE results! A complete report will be available on January 26th, but the press release modernizes the preliminary results shared last month. Will there be a melding of minds between customers, manufacturers, and content makers at CES? We will see!

The U-DECIDE Initiative successfully captured surveys from 714 respondents with 60% comprised of 2D gamers, and 40% of S-3D gamers. To our knowledge, this is the first time manufacturers, game developers, and consumers joined forces to set the record straight – at least in the 3D industry.

The report is free to game developers who accept MTBS certifications and committed MTBS partners. A 5% discount is given to MTBS members registered with accurate information, and interested parties can arrange a pre-order or make inquiries via What has been revealed in the press release is a tiny sampling of what has been learned, and we are confident the report will provide very helpful to all recipients.

2D/3D iZ3D Logo Conversion with Photoforms

MTBS recently received iZ3D’s experimental glasses designed to further improve image quality for their public beta test. The preliminary results posted by members is very positive. Please inform iZ3D of your results before posting in our forums.

Busy week ahead!

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