Dreamworks Animation, Chuck, ColorCode 3-D, and U-DECIDE

By January 5, 2009 April 4th, 2020 News

With more 3D movies hitting theaters, it is growing clear that studios are looking for interesting ways to premarket their films in a way that helps convey the benefits of 3D.

Dreamworks Animation is first at the gate with a strategic partnership with ColorCode 3-D. According to Associated Press, an estimated 150 million 3D glasses will be given away for Super Bowl viewers to watch a 90-second 3D sneak preview of “Monsters vs. Aliens.” Katzenberg estimates the deal will cost in the tens of millions of dollars, and could be “the biggest media-advertising event in history.”

However, Katzenberg also remarks that those without glasses will see a nearly normal image. Having sampled the ColorCode 3-D technology firsthand, MTBS anticipates a modest separation/depth experience to make this possible.

The glasses will be distributed free at Pepsi/SoBe Life Water displays at 28,000 locations including grocery, drug and electronics stores and big-box retailers.

NBC’s Chuck will also be airing a 3D episode in February of this year using the same technology. A two for one 3D glasses special! MTBS anticipates a similar low separation/depth experience to avoid alienating traditional 2D viewers.

Stay tuned! U-DECIDE Initiative winners will be announced tomorrow.

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