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3D Frustration, RealD News, NAW Polls

By December 16, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Are you frustrated with the level of attention the media and our own industry spends on gaming? Read our editorial and share your thoughts.

On a more positive note, RealD put out a press release announcing a 3D-POD solution that converts from one stereoscopic format to another on the fly. MTBS spoke directly with Kevin Faul, VP of Business Development for RealD to get an understanding of what this is all about.

3D-POD is a plug and play hardware solution designed to convert one stereoscopic format to another through hardware. This product line is targeted to the professional 3D markets that need to take the S-3D output from their existing software, and convert it to an output format modern solutions like 3D DLP HDTV would understand. This is very important for companies dependent on CRT monitors that are trying to get their software to work with more up to date hardware.

For now, output options include DLP, horizontal interlaced, and page flip. RealD is open to adding more solutions, and starting rates for the 3D-POD is estimated at $500 per unit. Pricing and models vary.

Something interesting that came up in conversation is that RealD has developed a proprietary format that claims to get more than 50% of the original image resolution in 3D mode compared to other solutions when played through DLP checkerboard systems. We’ll see!

Finally, Sharky has been hard at work getting feedback from members on the best way to handle certain game calculations. Share your thoughts by completing these short polls.

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