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Glasses Beta UPDATE, Photoforms News, 2D/3D Movie Converter!

By December 13, 2008April 4th, 2020News

While iZ3D’s monitor has been well received by gamers and 3D enthusiasts, iZ3D has been working hard to improve the image quality even more by developing a new type of polarized glasses lens to work specifically with their monitors. After several prototypes, they have narrowed it down to two models, and are beginning the testing phase with fifty end-user testers!

MTBS has been been advised that the beta testing list has been finalized, and members can expect to receive their new 3D test glasses within the next few weeks – possibly before the new year! Share your thoughts.

For those interested in 2D to 3D photo conversion, we have two stories for you. First, Hill Thompson has shared another beta update of Photoforms. Download it for free, and share your results in their official MTBS forums.

Second, we received an on the fly 2D-3D converter for movies that is designed to work with the iZ3D Classic Movie Player. Download it, install it, reboot your computer, and run the iZ3D Classic Movie Player to get it working. If you are running an iZ3D monitor, set output to “Side by Side” output for the 3D output. This is a beta release, so please share your results in our forums.

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