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3D Used to Find Children, MTBS Milestone Reached

By December 12, 2008April 4th, 2020News

3D Eye Solutions Inc. has acquired licensing rights to the Child Watch Network. Child Watch of North America is an organization that helps prevent child abductions through the distribution of special identification cards for parents to carry that include their children’s fingerprints if needed. They also offer help in the event of an abduction including an investigative branch that features a toll free line, and in some cases will offer financial assistance to parents as well.

3D Eye Solutions Inc. is working to implement auto-stereoscopic 3D screens to replace the traditional 2D screens used by the Child Watch network. These screens are currently visited by 7,000 to 10,000 people weekly. The press release doesn’t touch on this, but MTBS thinks that if the image captures of missing children are in stereoscopic 3D, this could prove helpful in accelerating facial recognition by helpful adults when time is very critical. We hope to learn more ASAP.

MTBS is pleased to report that we have broken the 4,000 registered member mark, and 5,000 MTBS members isn’t so far away. We expect that our forums will be just shy of 20,000 posts by the end of the year…which is pretty cool!

Thank you all for joining our efforts, and expect to see continued updates to the site to make your stay more enjoyable.

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