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Kokoromi, 3DIF Festival, Abe Perlstein Interview, Prince of Persia

By November 22, 2008April 4th, 2020News

With all the talk about 3DX in Singapore and the upcoming 3D Entertainment Summit in California, we thought we’d share something a bit closer to MTBS’ home turf. The annual Montreal Game Developers Conference just finished this week, though that wasn’t what caught our attention.

Cindy Poremba, Kokoromi Organizer, and Neil Schneider, President & CEO of
Meant to be Seen

Kokoromi is a group of independent game developers that are part of an underground gaming movement. Yes, there is such a thing! To finish the conference off, they had a special end-party that featured specially created stereoscopic 3D games on large screens for everyone to play.

Each year, Kokoromi has a new theme, and this year, game developers were given the challenge of creating brand new anaglyph 3D games that use 3D as an active component of the game. In other words, the 3D wasn’t just what you see, but is instead an important part of how you play.

For example, one game required players to walk in a first person environment, and try to capture fireflies in a jar. Sounds simple enough, but it is only possible if you have a true 3D reference to judge distance. Another was a very popular version of 3D Tetris that combined head tracking and S-3D dynamics to try and fit unique shapes into complex gaps. Harder than it looks! At least six different games were on display.

We will be working to interview some of the participating game developers to discover their thought processes in making these games. Maybe their innovation will rub off on the bigger players?

If you live near Paso Robles, California, make a point to attend the 3D Independent Film Expo this Monday! Framed as the first independent S-3D film fest, this also has an underground appeal. It will feature an afternoon of award winning 3D documentaries, comedy, drama, extreme sports, music videos, and innovative animated shorts.

For those interested in making the films in addition to watching them, there will be a special panel discussion headed by Ray Zone with participating film makers Eric Kurland, Tom Koster, and John Hart.

It is very much designed to be an event that entertains both on-screen and off. Attendees will enjoy wine testing provided by the Rotta Winery, a liquid dark chocolate fountain, gypsy jazz stylings by The Tipsy Gypsies (probably from the wine tasting), and a wide range of tasty finger foods. Finally! A 3D film festival that appeals to your eyes and your pallet!

We have a special interview with the festival’s founder, Abe Perlstein. He has a lot to share, and he discusses some innovative ideas.

Prince of Persia Skin of Altair Add-On

Speaking of the bigger players, Ubisoft is getting set to launch Prince of Persia! Expect to see the game in stores on December 4th for PC, though we originally heard the PC version would be a week after console. An added bonus for Assassin’s Creed fans is you can download a special “skin of Altair” and play with his characteristics in the game. The offer is available at

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