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MTBS Gallery 3D Enhancement!

By November 8, 2008April 4th, 2020News

One of the biggest challenges with the MTBS Gallery has been the inability to easily click on a picture and view it in stereoscopic 3D right away. We have had to download the images first, then open them up in our favorite viewers separately.

We discovered a software program called Launchy that works in Firefox and will let you right-click on an image, and view it in an external viewer directly from your browser.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Download and install Launchy.

2. We have only tried the iZ3D Media Player Classic, but any 3D viewer that can load pictures from the command line will work. Instructions are included with the Launchy program to modify a file called launchy.xml. The directory it is located in is different depending on your machine setup, but it is here that you determine the viewers Launchy will use.

3. Now when you visit the MTBS Gallery, you just need to right click on the picture you want to see in S-3D!

Here are the caveats so far:

  • We can’t figure out how to make iZ3D Media Player Classic remember its settings after it closes, and we can’t find the command line parameters that would set this.
  • You have to be actively viewing the full sized image in the gallery or when you right-click on a picture, you will get a windowed version of the 3D experience. Still impressive, just windowed.

    The big announcements are still to come. For now, we did some gallery cleaning, and we hope this helpful utility will make viewing more fun.

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