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6% Electronic Arts Lay-Off, FarCry2 Fix 2, Updated AMD News

By October 31, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Happy Halloween everyone!

Some news on three fronts. First, Electronic Arts is laying off an estimated 600 people – 6% of their workforce to save about $50 million in expenses. Best of luck to the job hunters out there, though I am sure there will be other game developers happy to absorb this available talent pool.

What are the ramifications of this lay-off? Read our editorial HERE as it relates to the stereoscopic 3D gaming industry.

The other day, we shared a fix for Ubisoft’s FarCry2. We have another fix for iZ3D driver users. Add this segment to the profiles list in the file named “BaseProfile” in the iZ3D data directory, and mimic the spacing in that file:

<Profile Name=”FarCry 2″>
<File Name=”FarCry2.exe” />
<DontCalculateInverseMatrix Value=”1″/>
<CreateSquareRTInMono Value=”1″ />
<VertexShader CRC=”0xCDFBC344″ />

The above profile will let you play with ALL settings on maximum including shadows, and fixes all problems with maps and icons. We are hard at working testing this game. Very impressive performance so far.

Finally, GameCyte put up another story about AMD’s press tour with iZ3D. They made note of an impending price cut to the iZ3D monitor. They also remarked that AMD is working with iZ3D to implement S-3D capabilities in the Catalyst drivers natively. I spoke with AMD about this today, and there was a miscommunication. AMD is working to make sure ATI GPUs are more efficient and compatible with the iZ3D drivers, but native Catalyst support is not on the horizon yet.

MTBS thinks it’s compatibility that matters most, and we will start seeing iZ3D software support promoted on the AMD website. Any way you look at it, this is great news for stereoscopic 3D gaming.

EDIT: Go to AMD’s driver page! The promotion has begun!

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