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New MTBS Discounts and S-3D Event News

By October 7, 2008April 4th, 2020News

“The Hollywood Post Alliance, and Meant to Be Seen (, the foremost authority group on consumer S-3D gaming and entertainment have joined as event industry partners as well.” – The 3D Entertainment Summit

This release went out at the end of September, so we apologize for the late posting. To make up for our tardiness, MTBS registrants get a $50 discount on registration for the 3D Entertainment Summit! If you haven’t already, join up and go HERE to get your discount code.

MTBS has also renegotiated with iZ3D LLC, and all MTBS members with a qualified MTBS discount code can get a 5% discount off the $599 monitor price on condition that orders are made through You can read more HERE.

NOTE: You need to be registered on MTBS to access the discount page. If you are not, you will be taken to the registration page. To qualify for a personal MTBS discount number, you must register with accurate information and request the discount code which is manually approved.

The 3D Film and Interactive Festival has put out their official release which you can read HERE. Meant to be Seen will be participating with the 3D Lounge and will be giving personalized tours among other things. It’s going to be an exciting event, and we will be putting out an official press release soon enough with some other related news.

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