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2D/3D Conversion, 3D Glasses and Movies, Mystery Guest

By September 22, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Just some odds and ends to pay attention to today. Announcements are in the works, but for now, here are some interesting threads worth paying attention to.

First, H-bar has been talking about a new 2D/3D conversion tool he has been developing for photographs. It has not been released yet and is a work in progress, but fellow members have been impressed by his work so far. See what you think and post your feedback HERE.

I’ve been traveling a lot this past week, and I had an interesting dinner with some leading executives in a reputable Fortune 500 company. One of the attendees made a remark about 3D glasses that got me thinking, and I posted the story and related thought process HERE. Are glasses only acceptable for 3D gaming? Post your thoughts in the related thread.

I don’t want to completely spoil the surprise, but one of our members figured out who our upcoming mystery guest is! I call him the “Champion of Champions” in gaming, and when his interview is printed, you will understand why. Have some fun and try to figure out who he is by reading this thread: HERE.

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