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S-3D Web, NVIDIA News, Stereoscopic Player

By August 24, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Some stereoscopic 3D snippets to share with you today that we think you will find interesting.

First, one of our valued members, Sir C, discovered a Firefox browser add-on called Cooliris. Cooliris adds stereoscopic 3D display capabilities to Firefox. It works with the iZ3D drivers, we will test with the NVIDIA drivers, and some experimentation will be done to see if it will work well with MTBS.

Second, the NVIDIA stereoscopic 3D drivers are no more! Wait! Don’t have a heart attack yet. They are no more as SEPARATE drivers! In other words, the stereo driver and Geforce/Forceware driver updates will be synonymous.

Finally, Peter Wimmer’s well received Stereoscopic Player is more full featured than our members have given credit for, and we really don’t understand why you are having trouble getting this to work on an iZ3D monitor. The solution is to select OpenGL Quad Buffered output from the player. In the iZ3D driver, make sure OpenGL mode is activated and set the EmulateQB field to 1 in the iZ3D config file if your GPU doesn’t support quad buffered mode natively. So, stop bugging Peter for iZ3D support – it’s already there! It’s a little rough, mind you – but it works. A less round-about way of doing this would still be a big plus for sure.

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