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Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Week Ahead!

By August 22, 2008April 4th, 2020News

It’s going to be an exciting week in the stereoscopic 3D gaming world!

First, Vadim Asadov, Chief Technology Officer for iZ3D LLC will be making an appearance on Wednesday next week to talk about their upcoming 1.09 stereo driver. Sampling the images below, it should be clear that a lot of additional features have been added to the software, and Vadim will be on-hand to discuss the enhancements and updated hardware support (where possible given ongoing negotiations).

iZ3D 1.09 Control Panel Samples

You can post questions to Vadim HERE. They may appear in the formal interview, or have answers appear in the related forum thread afterwards.

NVIDIA’s NVISION is around the corner too with anticipated driver updates and further hardware support announcements. According to an NVIDIA source, Unreal Tournament 3 now runs with their driver solution too, and it will prove interesting to see what new enhancements they have brought to the table as well.

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