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Intel Going S-3D, Real D Going Home, Miranda Box Miracle

By August 21, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Some major moves this week in the consumer stereoscopic 3D industry.

This EE Times article reports that Intel has announced two initiatives. First, a deal with Dreamworks Animation to enhance its content with S-3D cinema, and a separate initiative to bring stereoscopic 3D to televisions and other devices.

“Once the TV can handle today’s polarized glasses, the technology will take off in a big way.” – Eric Kim,General Manager of Intel’s Digital Home Group.

In the same article, Real D is hinting at a consumer solution as well, but without specifics.

In our SIGGRAPH commendations, we failed to mention Miranda Technologies for helping make our presentation possible with their Miranda Box. The biggest challenge in getting Unreal Tournament 3 to work on the Real D system was to convert the refresh rates of the dual output NVIDIA Quadro to a rate that the Real D projector could display. The Miranda Box was our miracle worker that made this possible, and without their donation, our presentation would not have been possible.

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