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SIGGRAPH Follow-Up, MAYA S-3D Freeware Add-On

By August 20, 2008April 4th, 2020News

“Stereoscopic gaming is inevitable. It’s not so much a question of added realism or immersion, terms that I find too nebulous to define. Stereoscopic 3D gaming is more fun – that’s why it’s here to stay.” – Lenny Lipton, Chief Technology Officer of Real D, and the inventor of the original CrystalEyes Glasses that laid down the ground work for many of the modern consumer 3D solutions available today.

“For two days at SIGGRAPH, eyes were distinctly focused on stereoscopic 3D, and for some of that time, Neil Schneider and Mark Rein helped us experience the future of gaming, treating us to a live demonstration of real-time 3D gaming the way it should be played, and gave us a glimpse into a very fun future.” – Jill Smolin, Entertainment Director for SIGGRAPH 2008.

Mark Rein, VP and Co-Founder of Epic Games and
Neil Schneider, President & CEO of Meant to be Seen

I can think of no better praise for what we are working to accomplish, and you can read the full press release HERE in reference to some key accomplishments at SIGGRAPH 2008.

An added bonus is Autodesk is working to implement native stereoscopic 3D support in all their applications including Maya 2009. However, current Maya users can benefit from added S-3D functionality by installing this freeware plug-in HERE!

More announcements to come!

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