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SIGGRAPH iZ3D News, DLP Projectors, TDVision Speaking (Again!)

By August 8, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Heading off for the pilgrimage to SIGGRAPH!

Some quick reminders:

1. iZ3D is going to be showing some new 26″ 3D display prototypes at SIGGRAPH, and Vadim Asadov, iZ3D’s Chief Technology Officer, is going to be presenting on Saturday, August 9th, about a new technique for improving stereoscopic 3D image quality. Vadim Asadov is speaking in Oleg Tishutin’s place because of logistic issues. You can read the full release HERE.

2. The projector world is changing too! Lightspeed Design, makers of the DepthQ projectors, are planning to release new high resolution models that reach as high as 1280X720 and 1024X768 resolution based on Texas Instruments DLP technology. The models are expected to be available in September for under $6,000 US.

3. Ethan Schur, Director of Marketing for TDVision Corp will be speaking at the SMPTE 2008 Tech Conference and Expo. You can learn more HERE.

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