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New S-3D Game Engine Certification and Contest Reminders

By August 1, 2008April 4th, 2020News

MTBS is proud to announce another certification!

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The Game CreatorsDarkBASIC Professional has implemented native stereoscopic 3D support for iZ3D and anaglyph solutions. When TDVision equipment is available, they will be implementing support for that solution as well.

DarkBASIC Professional is targeted more to the casual gaming market, and this is a sign of exciting things to come from The Game Creators and other impending announcements.

Lee Bamber, President & CEO of The Game Creators, has written a special stereoscopic 3D guide for their engine found HERE, and you can ask him questions in this special DarkBASIC forum. Please sample our updated MTBS certification guidelines and logos in the “Game Certification” drop-down menu.

Don’t forget the Caption Contest! A judge has been secured, and the winner will be announced in a few days. If you have any CG skill, put yourself in the running for an iZ3D monitor, a 4800 series AMD GPU, or one of four copies of Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament 3 by submitting stereoscopic 3D wacky video game characters HERE.

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