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S-3D CG Art Contest, FANTASTIC Prizes!

By July 29, 2008April 4th, 2020News

MTBS, CGArena and iZ3D have joined forces on a special stereoscopic 3D CG art contest for the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2008 in August. The theme is “Wacky Video Game Characters”, and prizes up for grabs include:

First Place: One iZ3D 22” monitor
Second Place: One ATI 4800 series GPU
Third Place: A 50% discount on an iZ3D monitor + Flatout 2 Game
Four Runners Up: Unreal Tournament 3 by Epic Games

We are confident that any CG artist who has a streak of gaming interest will love these prizes. The iZ3D 22″ monitor is one of the most respected 3D displays in gaming, the ATI 4800 series GPUs are currently the leaders in the graphics market, and Unreal Tournament 3 offers an unforgettable stereoscopic 3D experience. Special thanks go to iZ3D, AMD and Epic Games for contributing these prizes.

The contest instructions and official link are HERE.

Be sure to read our beginners and advanced guides on how to capture stereoscopic 3D images in CG software programs.

Contestants may be posting their images HERE and on CGArena’s forums to see how they strike you before submitting. While MTBS is working on it, not everyone owns S-3D equipment yet – so your experienced eyes will really help them out!

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