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NVIDIA/Mitsubishi News, Special Guest Reminder!

By June 24, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Wow! Monday was a bigger day than we thought!

Yesterday, we announced that Dr. Robert Cailliau, Co-Developer of the World Wide Web has joined forces with MTBS as a member of its advisory board.

Dr. Robert Cailliau, Co-Developer of the WWW

You can read the first part of his interview HERE, and yesterday’s installment HERE.

However, similarly big news is that NVIDIA, Aspen Media Products, and Mitsubishi are joining forces! Details are still unfolding, but it appears that Mitsubishi has arranged a deal with NVIDIA and Aspen Media Products for 3D gaming content. We are unconvinced that this is a traditional stereoscopic 3D driver deal, and is more likely an all-in-one package with predetermined hardware and distributed content. Time will tell!

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