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Co-Developer of the WWW Joins MTBS Advisory Board!

By June 23, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Dr. Robert Cailliau, Co-Developer of the WWW

First, Dr. Robert Cailliau, Co-Developer of the World Wide Web is back for round two on MTBS. Now it’s time to talk about some S-3D! He shares his views on the W3 Consortium and how this parallels to the needs of the developing stereoscopic 3D industry. He also talks about standards, gaming, and the potential of a 3D World Wide Web! Very interesting material.

You can read the first part of his interview HERE, and today’s installment HERE.

Dr. Cailliau will be back again to share his personal stereoscopic 3D photo library and will be answering member submitted questions and comments in the third part of the interview. Get ready by posting your questions and comments HERE!

Now for the best part! Dr. Cailliau has agreed to join MTBS’ advisory board and will assist us by sharing his experience and insight where needed to help drive our industry forward. This is a great honor for us, and we look forward to his further participation. A press release will be going out later today.

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