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Grand Prix 4 S-3D Review, New MTBS Milestone, ColorCode 3-D News!

By June 12, 2008April 4th, 2020News

First thing’s first. Special thanks go to Emmanuel Tetteh-Lartey (SilverSurfer) for his review of Grand Prix 4.

This is a classic from 2002 and we won’t be doing a lot of titles like this because they have limited compatibility with modern software solutions. However, it’s a good read and many of you will be able to play it. Read the review HERE and post your comments HERE.

Next. Would you believe the MTBS forums have broken the 10,000 post mark? I can’t think of any stereoscopic forums that have grown as fast in such a short time. Awesome work, keep it up!

Finally, ColorCode 3-D is working jointly with Philips to show stereoscopic 3D for the first time on an LED display at DREAMHACK. Having sampled the Color-Code system, I would best describe it as an alternative anaglyph solution, and it will be interesting to see what color reproduction they manage on the Philips LED television. You can read the press release HERE. You will need the free Adobe PDF reader to view it.

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