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New S-3D HDTVs, iZ3D Release Drivers Out!

By June 6, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Credit goes to Chrisdfw and Micronaut for bringing these stories to our attention:

Engadget reports that Philips is expected to be releasing a 52″ 1080p auto-stereoscopic 3D television in Q4 2008, and VMJ has the largest auto-stereoscopic LCD panel around at a whopping 65 inches. If you want this baby, you’re looking at an estimated $30,000+ US, but don’t worry! I’m sure the prices will come down. ;=)

iZ3D also has a full release driver out today, and you can get it here FIRST! The updated version includes bug fixes and more auto-convergence improvements. iZ3D’s CTO, Vadim Asadov (BlackQ), will be making a special appearance next week to talk about some new developments with iZ3D’s future and their driver programming schedule.

More exciting interviews and game reviews to come shortly.

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