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Who is the Mystery Guest? Worth $1,000,000 to you!

By May 22, 2008April 4th, 2020News

We are working on a new guest interview for MTBS that should be ready in a few days. I wonder if you can guess who it is?

Here are some hints:

1. He co-invented something VERY popular. You have probably used it at least once in your life.
2. His co-invention earned him multiple honorary doctorates, and his partner received a knighthood.
3. It just so happens that he is a personal fan of stereoscopic 3D photography.
4. If you don’t guess it, you will be kicking yourselves and hanging your heads in shame.

Can you guess who it is and what is his great invention?

The person who guesses the invention gets $500,000 in NAW dollars, and the person who gets the invention and name in one shot gets $1,000,000 in NAW dollars.

Post your guesses HERE!

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