iZ3D 1.07.0032 Beta Drivers on MTBS!

By May 21, 2008April 4th, 2020News

New iZ3D 1.07.0032 Beta Driver available in the MTBS downloads section today!

New features:

1. Better DirectX 8 compatibility and stability.

2. The auto-convergence algorithm is much better. There are also special parameters to adjust search area and the auto-convergence speed via the config profile:

SearchFrameSizeY is the vertical size of the search area (this makes the auto-convergence more stable, but progressivly slower).
m_ShiftSpeed is the speed of auto-convergence.

3. OpenGL Quad Buffered Emulation Mode now lets you run quad buffered applications on traditional NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Set EmulateQB to 1 in the config file and use the regular Dual View mode in your display drivers.

4. GRID Race runs well on both ATI and NVIDIA GPU solutions.

5. Unreal Tournament 2004 map loading bug was corrected.

You can download the file HERE and post your results HERE.

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