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Since When Does CNET Have Such Fashion Sense?

By May 7, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Check out this Samsung Plasma HDTV review found on CNET.

I don’t want to cause any embarrassment or stir the pot, but after reading this review three times I can’t find a single remark about how the television looks. Nothing about the 3D experience, nothing about what was watched or what was seen – nothing! At most, they gave mention to a change in resolution in certain situations, and that was it.

Instead, the author spent a good paragraph about how ugly the glasses were. Dude, PUT THE GLASSES ON! I could look like Dame Edna for all I care if it means I’m going to get a fantastic S-3D experience.

CNET has always been a golden name in my book, and I am hopeful they will amend this review with a discussion of the television’s visual experience. If they can’t think of anything to say about the visual output of a 3D HDTV television set, something is wrong.

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