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New Writer, Assassin’s Creed Review, TDVision Interview!

By April 28, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Couple of exciting things to talk about today! First, Kim Mitchell who we all know as Znith, has added her name as one of the core MTBS game reviewers!

Kim has been gaming since the Odyssey 2 generation. She graduated with a computer programming degree and tells me she has always had a passion for bits and bytes. Based in Ohio, she’s had fun attending “Gen Con” and “Origins” gaming conventions, and has been actively participating in game testing since 1997 with the likes of Sony, Turbine, Blizzard and Funcom. She started gaming in stereoscopic 3D two and half years ago with shutter glasses and a 19 inch CRT monitor and never looked back since.

Currently, she’s employed in the financial field crunching numbers. Even though her passion is video games, she also enjoys creative writing, fishing, art, psychology, and attending concerts.

Kim’s MTBS writing debut is an in-depth review of Assassin’s Creed by Ubisoft, and you can find it HERE.

TDVision also sent us an interview they did at NAB 2008. Hear what they have to say about iZ3D, their TDVCodec, and their upcoming TDVisor. Everything is unofficial, but I think it will perk a lot of your ears up. Download the interview HERE and make sure you get the OGG codec to listen to the file.

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