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World in Conflict S-3D Review!

By April 15, 2008April 4th, 2020News

World in Conflict (WIC) made a huge splash as one of the first games to explore what a full fledged invasion on American soil would be like. Credited for superior graphics, game play, and storyline, WIC has proven well received as both a single player campaign and a strategic online multiplayer experience.

Today, MTBS puts the game to the REAL test with an in-depth review of World in Conflict in stereoscopic 3D! Featuring both iZ3D and NVIDIA stereoscopic driver solutions, we determine how effective this title is for the real hardcore gamers out there who are seeking superior game immersion and visual beauty for their hard earned money. You can read the review HERE and view several stereoscopic 3D images and an anaglyph movie sample HERE.

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