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Nuclear Reactor Television

By April 10, 2008April 4th, 2020News

As usual, Silversurfer proves to have a sharp set of S-3D eyes by spotting this story! Even Hyundai is getting into the 3D game with a new 46″ stereoscopic 3D TV. Priced at about $4,850 US, the LCD brings 2X HDMI and 3X composite inputs. This is a Japan only technology for now.

According to the release, it works with 2D and 3D broadcasts and is a polarized solution. I am guessing it is interlaced – but that is just a guess. According to the supplied link, “TV dawn of a new era and can be called ’the corresponding 3-D TV broadcast’ The first nuclear reactor!”

I suspect this was a mistranslation on Google’s part. What they meant to say was “thermonuclear”. Their translation is getting better, though.

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