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New Mitsubishi S-3D Models Announced!

By April 7, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

David Naranjo, Director of Product Development for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America tapped me on the shoulder this morning with some exciting news.

First, a new range of 1080p DLP HDTV solutions are getting released this month including new 73″ , 60″, and 65″ models. All units have S-3D capability and feature a new 6-Color Processor (TM) that promises superior color quality.

“Our new 2008 HDTVs are a direct result of listening to our customers, and we have delivered multi-dimensional products that will take their viewing experience to a new level,” said Frank DeMartin, VP of Marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.

The Diamond DLP HDTV solutions feature Smooth120Hz (TM) to optimize fast action scenes and Dark Detailer (TM) for higher contrast imagery along with a high gloss design and “Blue Light Accent”.

The April, 2008 1080p DLP HDTV releases and MSRP include:

WD-60735 – $1,799
WD-65735 – $2,199
WD-65736 – $2,499
WD-73735 – $3,199
WD-73736 – $3,599
Diamond WD-65835 – $3,399
Diamond WD-73835 – $4,699

In addition, the much anticipated Laser TV announcement is out, and under the trademark of LaserVue (TM), they expect availability in the third quarter of 2008. Here are some key points:

  • Current HDTVs display less than 40% of the color spectrum. Laser TV will display twice that.
  • Laser TV is environmentally friendly by consuming half the power of LCD TVs and approximately one third the power of plasma TVs.
  • Laser TV is a stereoscopic 3D ready solution.

    David Naranjo is making another appearance on MTBS shortly, so if you haven’t asked your questions yet, NOW IS THE TIME!

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