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Dark Messiah Game Review, New Vadim Questions, and NAW Signature Contest!

By March 16, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

We have a new stereoscopic 3D game review in the MTBS BLOG section for Dark Messiah Might & Magic by Ubisoft. I think this game exemplifies the benefits of stereoscopic 3D so check out the review and post your thoughts. The game is on the violent side, however, so it is very graphic…stereoscopic 3D graphic!

Also, a new line of questions have been submitted to Vadim Asadov, CTO of iZ3D HERE. Something tells me another big announcement is brewing. The questions will be answered on Wednesday – I forgot to mention this detail.

Finally, the balance of power is at stake in MTBS Nations at War (NAW). Several members are submitting NAW signatures, and the player with the most votes wins TWENTY FIGHTER JETS in the game regardless of factory size and capability. With great power comes great responsibility, so win wisely!

All NAW signatures should be submitted HERE to qualify. Read this thread and HAVE FUN!

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