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I Can’t Believe You Missed This!

By February 14, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

I’m surprised most of you missed this!

Here is an excerpt from our forum discussion with Vadim Asadov, Chief Technology Officer of iZ3D LLC:

“1) will there be a iz3d driver for sale compatible with other solutions? maybe linked to the MAC number of the computer in order to prevent it to be hacked?

Yes, we are going to issue “HMD” solution first soon – this will be left and right output which can be used for HMD devices like virtual glasses and helmet and for dual projection system. We are thinking about 199 USD per CPU – good price? or too cheap? 😉 We are not 100% clear about best defense – but I suppose it would be something simple. Yes, it can be hacked, but you’ll lose updates and tech support … do you think it is good idea???”

It’s a game of truth or dare with iZ3D LLC, and you can participate by posting HERE. Ask and answer about the S-3D industry as a whole, future developments, opinions, etc.

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