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Bug Fixes, sView, New Game Review!

By February 10, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

I got word that some of the links on our downloads section aren’t working, so we are working on getting that fixed up for you ASAP. Please keep those bug reports coming in. Also, we added the latest version of the S-3D photo viewing software sView to the downloads section recently. If you have files you would like to contribute, please PM me, and we can make arrangements.

Check out the MTBS BLOGS section too. Star Trek: Legacy by Bethesda Softworks has been added to the S-3D game review list. As requested by members, the review structure hotlinks the images to full sized versions, and I have signed my name to it too. Point out any other improvements you would like to see in the related thread so we get our formatting down.

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