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Sony PS3 in S-3D! Downloads Section Up! Latest MTBS Stats!

By February 1, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

I’m just getting myself settled from attending the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference in San Jose this week. It was a very exciting show that featured many of the leading minds in the S-3D industry.

Seen above, I had the opportunity to play a racing game in stereoscopic 3D on a Sony Playstation 3. It was done on a prototyping system, and the game was customized for this. It was running on an interlaced polarized 3D HDTV solution.

Our downloads section is again working properly, and I have put most of the original files back online.

Some exciting stats to share with you this month:

MTBS’ Unique Visitors: 7,525 for the month of January, and our best month so far. rank: 348,753 (up from 750,000 two months ago)
Registered Members: 2,218 (over 200 new members this month alone) 82% (up from 69% two months ago). MTBS is also ranked in the top 3% of all websites!

We have much bigger goals for our community, and I think this is a good indicator that the interest in S-3D is quickly growing above and beyond the core group we started with a year ago. Please continue your hard work in making stereoscopic 3D a success for everyone, and keep an eye open for some exciting new features in the works for

MTBS would be nothing without its members, and I wanted to again express my gratitude.

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