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Neat Pictures and Help Me Settle a Bet!

By January 17, 2008April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

I got a news alert about The Ultimate Game Chair. Is this a sweet deal? It enhances your game with 12 different vibrating motors that go off according to what you are doing in the game, and it doubles as a massage chair too!

Check this article and video out!

Here is the best part! Do you recognize the sign in the back of the chair? Let me give you a hint:

Ethan Schur (Director of Marketing for TDVision), left,
Manuel Gutierrez Novelo (President & CEO of TDVision), middle,
Neil Schneider (President & CEO of MTBS), right

TDVision Corp CES 2008 Display

Bit of trivia for you. The man in the center of the couch is Gene Dolgoff, CEO of “The 3D Source” and the inventor of the digital LCD video projector.

I feel badly that I was in such a rush and couldn’t get enough time to sample the chair. Looking at the mix of a game chair and HMD, they go well together, don’t they?

Finally, can you help me settle a bet between Sharky and myself? Read this thread, vote your thoughts, and post your results.

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