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MTBS Upgrades, Unigine, and NVIDIA News From CES!

Hello everyone!

First, the site look went through a minor upgrade. This is a temporary change for something even better.

Second, there is a new Unigine discussion group in the “Stereoscopic 3D Discussion Corner” category found in the MTBS forums. Game developers and consumers can ask questions about the new engine here. Maybe you have some ideas to share?

Finally, here is a quick break down of what I learned from NVIDIA. This is NOT rumor:

1. Vista Only
2. The GPU list has been corrected. It will support all GPUs up until the 8 and 9 series, but 8 series or better is recommended.
3. The driver is estimated to work with over 60 game titles.
4. Post processing (e.g. HDR, bloom) are not supported yet.
5. No SLI yet.
6. While I didn’t see it demonstrated yet, they are working to have games use the in-game crosshair instead of the NVIDIA lasersight alternative, but it’s not a generic solution yet.

NOW, this news isn’t going to be as popular, but I’m of the mindset that the best things come to those that wait:

1. NVIDIA’s driver release schedule is a bi-monthly schedule, and the deadline for the stereo driver release was not met. So, the next release is expected before March, 2008.

2. At this time, “officially speaking” (remember these words because unofficially, other things may be in the works), the NVIDIA stereo drivers are a Zalman ONLY product. That means no LCD shutter glasses with CRT, and no alternative solutions.

NOW, below is a picture of David Cook, the head of stereo driver development for NVIDIA…see what the drivers are working on? I also saw their drivers being used on Spectroniq HDTVs and LCD panels last night – I’ll get some pictures for you when I can. My sense is that NVIDIA is focusing their development efforts on solutions they have direct license agreements with, and their product support choices are in continual development.

David Cook, head of stereo driver development for NVIDIA

Nothing is cut and dry here, and Dave told me all the decisions haven’t been made yet on their business model and support list – but for now, this is their official positioning.

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