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Happy New Year Everyone!

By December 31, 2007April 4th, 2020News

I wrote a quick year-end summary message in the MTBS BLOG section. Post your 2008 hopes and dreams in the linked forum section. I think we’ve had a great year, and 2008 is going to be even better. Thanks again for all your hard work and valued membership. Some quick notes of interest:

1. The MTBS Gallery section is up again at full force. When submitting games to the Unofficial MTBS Compatibility section, make sure you fill all the fields even if the answers are NO or N/A.

2. When submitting a request for an MTBS promotional code or discount code, make sure all the fields are filled in and your registration information is accurate. Members will need this code to benefit from discounts from participating manufacturers.

3. We got some feedback from members that some have forgotten their username as well as their password. From the registration screen, there is now an option to have all this information emailed to you.

Happy New Year everyone!

EDIT: There are still some bugs to work out in our downloads section, and when we transitioned the site, the last version of the iZ3D beta drivers didn’t transfer over. Here is a direct link to the iZ3D 12/21/07 beta drivers until the bug is fixed.

NOW you can have a Happy New Year!


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