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MTBS Interviews Real D?s President, Joshua Greer, and Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Brooks!

By November 16, 2007April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

Special treat for you today!

Lenny Lipton(left), CTO of Real D, and Neil Schneider (right), President/CEO of MTBS
at 3D BizEx. TRIVIA: Did you know that Lenny wrote “Puff”? YES, the song that goes
“Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the sea…”

To celebrate the release of Beowulf, MTBS interviewed Real D?s President and Co-founder Joshua Greer and Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Brooks.

They talked about everything: movies, history, video games, and of course, Beowulf!

Read the interview in the “MTBS BLOGS” section (Click NEWS, then MTBS BLOG at the top of the menu) and post your comments and questions in our discussion forums. A follow-up interview is pending!

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