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Dolby Follow-Up, Rank Discovery!

By November 3, 2007April 4th, 2020News

Hello everyone!

The word is that Dolby is really impressed by the response we got from the Tim Partridge interview about their new Dolby 3D movie theater solution, and they would like to do a follow-up interview to answer questions posed by our members. If you haven’t already, ask your questions here. Industry participation is really good for us, so all questions are appreciated!

Another announcement to make. Just for fun I was looking through our forum rankings and rank titles, and I’d like to confirm that Freke and Jahun do indeed have “Binocular Vision” by each having over 200 posts on our forums! Keep it up guys, and show those one-eyed posters what you’re made of! And Likay, you are just 20 posts away from losing that “cross-eyed” problem! ;=)

For those who don’t get the jokes, if you read the forums, you will see that members each have a rank according to the number of posts they make.

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