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RSS Feed, Blog, MTBS YouTube Section, iZ3D, Website Ideas

By August 2, 2007April 4th, 2020News

Hello Everyone!

Some important updates:

1. Join our website news RSS feed by placing this link in your favorite reader:

Now you can stay caught up conveniently!

2. Today?s blog in the newsletter section!

Do you think 2D is starting to outlive its welcome? Are gamers becoming desensitized to even the most robust DirectX 10 graphics? Read the blog, and post your comments.

3. MTBS YouTube Section!

I uploaded the last of the Dimension-3 Expo videos to YouTube. Rate them, share them, and join the group. This is an excellent tool for spreading the awareness of stereoscopic 3D in video games – let?s make use of it!

Access it here!

4. iZ3D 22″ monitors popping up!

iZ3D announced that the first mass manufactured monitors are going to be shown at QuakeCon this weekend, and I haven?t seen them yet! GRRRRRR! If anyone here is going, please post your reviews and feedback!

5. Your MTBS website ideas and feedback!

Lots of good stuff is cooking. If you can, please post your website ideas here, or send an email to

See you on the forums…

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