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MTBS Incentive Program Revealed!

By June 10, 2007April 4th, 2020News

As you all know by now, iZ3D will be releasing revolutionary stereoscopic-3D drivers that support post processing effects, Windows Vista, and both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI graphics card solutions.

The main goal behind MTBS is to encourage game developers to follow S-3D programming standards so that games will look their best when played in stereoscopic 3D. Our method of doing this is by encouraging certification via game developer forums, customer service inquiries, banner ad exchanges, and positive word of mouth.

We recognize that this is time consuming, and have devised an incentive program to award our most active members. In terms of participation level, from highest to lowest, we will be awarding the most proactive MTBS members with the following:

  • One FREE iZ3D 22″ monitor as soon as it is available.
  • Two FREE iZ3D 17″ monitors.
  • Six deep 40% discounts on the retail price of the iZ3D 22″ monitor when available.
  • Twenty 20% discounts off the retail price of the iZ3D 22″ monitor when available.

    This is just the beginning. When the program proves successful, we will be able to enhance our offering with additional benefits and sponsor additions. The more you put in, the more we will be able to give out!

    The incentive program and details can be accessed from the “Member Benefits” section. All pre-existing advocacy efforts will be tallied provided they are properly submitted.

    Good luck and have fun!

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