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It’s Time to Bring More Clarity to VR!

By February 23, 2022News

Chromatic Aberration is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point.  This could be a problem for affected VR HMD users because they may end up with blurry experiences, doubled text, limited ability to look around in VR, and a general loss of immersion.  While most HMD makers implement some kind of chromatic aberration correction with their products, we learned that the solutions may not work equally well for everyone.

For example, the HP Reverb G2 is regularly credited as being a visually sharp HMD.  However, there is also a large group of users who don’t share this clear experience.  We think we’ve figured out why, we were able to fix our own VR experiences with the HMD, and the solution should work for most if not all Windows Mixed Reality headsets affected by chromatic aberration.  While we don’t want to over-promise, we think the importance of the “sweet spot” will grow a lot less important after following our guide and implementing the fix.  We’re hoping what is shared here could influence other HMD makers to provide similar options and flexibility for their user base.

Check out our guide: “How to Test and Fix Chromatic Aberration on WMR VR Headsets” and see if your experience is as improved as ours.  At a minimum, you will be able to judge if chromatic aberration is affecting the clarity of your VR experience.

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