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4K UHD Blu-ray Still Wins…on PC.

By March 19, 2021News

Blu-ray Disc

As we continue our journey towards fully enabling our PC to be the ultimate home theater entertainment device (AKA Home Theater PC, HTPC), we face a major challenge!  We’ve bought our PC a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, we bought our 4K Blu-Ray content, and just when we are revving to go…it doesn’t work.  Instead, we are plagued with errors for architectures that no longer exist or were never fully implemented in the first place.  Or maybe we have an expensive surround sound system, and the blu-ray it runs on looks really ugly on the display we have because the technologies are too far apart.  OR maybe…maybe things could look much better on our PC than anywhere else because it is powered by unrivaled graphics and processing technology.

With thanks to offerings by MakeMKV, Madshi’s MadVR, and players like DAUM Potplayer – this week’s episode of Neil’s Messy Basement shares a method for getting our Blu-rays and technologies all bridged and working.  Pay close attention to the disclaimers in the video and research the legality and copyright responsibilities in your area.  There is much debate on the steps necessary to make PC compatible with 4K UHD Blu-Ray and this is outside our area of expertise.

We’d also like to send a shout out to the AVS Forum community for helping with some of our research for this program (there is a special sub-section of the program for this discussion).  Hope you like it!


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