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Sound Blaster Text Guide is UP!

By April 22, 2020News
New Sound Blaster X-Fi at CES 2018

New Sound Blaster X-Fi at CES 2018

Last week, we ran a special episode of Neil’s Messy Basement to reveal a discovery on how to connect Sound Blaster sound cards to digitally connected devices like HDMI 5.1 surround sound systems, Bluetooth headphones, and virtual reality headsets likes PC-based Oculus Rifts and HTC Vives.

Two MAJOR updates.  First, MTBS has been working with Alexandr Irza, author of Volume2, to enhance his software so the experience for VR gamers is even more seamless.  COMPLETE SUCCESS – he did amazing with this!  Second, the full guide has been made available in text form with easy to follow directions.

We really think this is going to be a strong enabler for superior immersive experiences for traditional and VR gamers alike.  Enjoy!

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