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Oculus Quest Readily Available Here

By January 4, 2020March 24th, 2020News
Had to update this article AS IT WAS WRITTEN!  It’s kind of funny…

Oculus Quest + Others, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20

Oculus Quest + Others, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20

MTBS has always been supportive of virtual reality and immersive technology; it goes to our roots.  For several weeks, there has been continuous reporting that the Oculus Quest has been sold out until February.  ONLY NOW I am able to confirm these reports outside of the USA.

Oculus Quest, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20

Oculus Quest, Best Buy Canada, 01/03/20

For weeks, I’ve been checking the most popular websites including those by Best Buy and Amazon.  What I found was that in the United States, there are indeed shortages.  In contrast, I’ve found supply of new units in Canada and Europe for both the 64GB and 128GB Oculus Quest HMDs.  While stores are sold out, there is online availability, and I’ve seen the stock refresh at least once on the Best Buy Canada website over the past few days.


I share this because I think it is unnecessary to spend an above-normal premium on the Oculus Quest; especially because the name brand stores have them at regular price – at least in Canada and Europe (but less so now!).

I’d be interested to know if my findings are unique.  Have others had success in finding availability for their favorite VR products?

UPDATE: As of this writing, the 128GB Oculus Quest units are readily available in Canada on the Best Buy Canada website.  64GB version has sold out.  Will watch to see if the availability of stock refreshes on the Best Buy Canada website.

UPDATE 2: Good thing I took snapshots!  Oculus Quest 128GB just sold out on Best Buy Canada.  Will see if stock refreshes.  I don’t know why the Canadian supply took so long to sell out relative to USA market.  128GB  version still available on Amazon Canada.  Fascinating…


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